2013 – Manhattan, New York USA

25th International Workshop on
Magnetic Resonance Angiography

August 20-23, 2013. Manhattan, New York (USA).

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Dear colleagues: Welcome to the 25th Annual Workshop on MR Angiography, which will be held at Hunter College in Manhattan, New York City (USA).


The workshop venue offers a dynamic environment that is conducive to scientific exchange. Presentations during the day will provide insightful discussion on methods and applications of MRA, while evening receptions will provide intimate networking opportunities so that colleagues from all over the world to form bonds.

We are happy to announce that there will be young investigator travel awards for excellent presentations by trainees (students, postdocs, residents and fellows). Please encourage them to submit abstracts.

We hope you make some extra time to enjoy the many excellent activities New York City has to offer, including museums, a stroll through Central Park, or a Broadway show.

Sincerely yours,
The MRA 2013 Organizing Committee

Award Recipients

Potchen Award – Alex Barker

Passariello Award (Best Scientific Poster) – Davide Picinni

MRA Working Group Excellence Award – Mitch Cooper

Travel Grant Recipients – Nii Okai Addy, Hamza El Aidi, Nadia Alie, Parag Amin, Mari Boesen, Nicholas Burris, Claudia Calcagno, Jerome Chaptinel, Li Feng, Kana Fujikura, Giulia Ginami, Jan Hansmann, Karolien Jaspers, Keigo Kawaji, Pan-ki Kim, Patrick Kupczyk, Estee Lee, Garry Liu, Jing Liu, Haining Liu, M. Ethan MacDonald, Jason Mendes, MariusMenza, V. Lai Nguyen, Davide Piccini, Sarah Power, Mahdi Rahimi, Stanislas Rapacchi, Susanne Schnell, Behzad Sharif, Zoran Stankovic, Eric Stinson, Nanda Thimmappa, Pim van Ooij, Jinnan Wang, Paul Weavers, Can Wu, Bo Xu, Jingwei Zhang, Zechen Zhou

Poster Award Recipients – Jingwei Zhang, Sarah Power, Mootaz Eldib, Monia Sigovan, Dariusch Hadizadeh, Henrik Haraldsson, Kana Fujikura, Karolien Jaspers, Thomas Hope, Zoran Stankovic, Behzad Sharif, Nii Okai Addy, Taehoon Shin, Z. Zou